Turn your wedding albums and family photo collections
into flowing video presentations


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Each photo is captured and movement is added to highlight special areas, custom music is added.
Record interviews on-camera or over the telephone to add special perspectives.
All photos are automatically enhanced and preserved, further retouching and restoration is available.

Create a Living Memory Interview Treasure


Life stories can be recorded in the comfort of their own home – click here to see this actual life story interview!


This can also be done with telephone interviews enhanced with photos and family movies for their commentary.

Video Memorials

The death of a loved one brings a time for respect and mourning. And it is also a time to honor their life and remember why they were so special. Create a dignified and respectful memorial celebrating their life and times so that their family everywhere can more fully appreciate them during this important occasion of family remembrance.

Don’t Lose the Treasure of Family History!

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Retouch and restore your photos, documents and newspaper articles. Many photographs become cracked, torn, or badly faded. Get your most precious photos brought back to life with special treatment. Click here to see examples of photo restoration!


Lots of old family movies on film or VHS tapes? Recapture and preserve these memories. Film with no sound can enhanced by narration or on-camera interviews. Click here to see an example of a family movie with no sound narrated by the person who was there!

How to Share Your Family Memory Treasures

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Create living photo frames for special gifts – they look just like a framed photo, then they come to life with a wonderful video!

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DVDs are easy to store and ship and have a long life span. We will create a custom label for each DVD and the case it comes in – it makes a beautiful timeless gift!

Or upload your Family Memory Treasure videos to specially linked YouTube sites so they can be instantly and privately shared with your family everywhere – only those with a private link can view them, but you can share them with as many people as you want for free!

Examples of Photograph & Document Restoration

All photos and graphics used in a Family Memory Treasure project are automatically enhanced. Some images need further retouching and restoration, to remove scratches and tears, more detailed color correction, cropping, straightening and even editing parts of an image out or in. Sometimes this is fairly quick and easy to do, sometimes it requires a more careful and meticulous approach.


Click here to see a gallery of image restoration to see what we might be able to do for your photographs – as well as your documents and newspaper articles.

Examples of Living Memory Interviews



Hear these excerpts from a Living Memory interview with Great-Grandmother Elaine describing her life growing up in New York city, working the Florida real estate boom and her current outlook on life. Click Here to View Delightful Living Memory Interviews with Elaine.



Hear these excerpts from a Living Memory interview with a Great-Grandmother describe her life growing up in Mobile, Alabama, including some dramatic stories, as well as how her views on race evolved, and going through cultural change and growth as she moved to different areas of the country. Click Here to View Delightful Living Memory Interviews with Judy.

Examples of Narration for Family Movies Without Sound

These are a few excerpts from a family movie that is over 60 years old, and despite the poor quality of the original transfer, the narration adds a rich texture to this Family Memory Treasure.

About Us


Family Memory Treasures is owned and operated by Lex Mathews, a Producer/Director with over three decades of video production experience. Lex has a particular interest in life stories and enjoys interviewing people and hearing about their experiences and perspectives. He believes every person has an interesting story to tell, and wants to learn about the life lessons and experiences everyone has to share. Lex has a gentle, relaxing interview style so that everyone has an enjoyable experience.

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Family Memory Treasures will create a comfortable temporary interview set in the comfort of your own home.

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Watch some samples of this Living Memory Interview – click here!

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Lex Mathews documenting the activities at an outdoor gathering – what a wonderful opportunity for your next family reunion!

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Lex Mathews directing costumed children for a Halloween themed public service announcement. Lex works with children frequently, and has three children and four grandchildren of his own that keep him in practice!

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