“Modeling 02”

How her work as a fashion model at a young age in the 1940s didn’t particularly impress her, and the way her handwriting affected her job choice.


World War Two for those in the port city of Mobile, Alabama was a time of heightened awareness and rumors of German submarines lurking just off the coast.

“Farm 02”

An eye-opening experience in 1935 as a city girl spends a summer on a farm in the country.


Her fascinating and profound transition from accepting a segregationist perspective to adopting a more open minded viewpoint, hastened by her husband’s decision to enter seminary.

“Florida 02”

In the 1970s, how she worked as a multi-talented multi-tasker for a Florida real estate developer, managing herds of people what wanted a home in the Sunshine State.


Her childhood in and on the waters of Mobile bay in the 1930s and 1940s.


Her current outlook on life, acceptance and enjoying what she has.


How she stood up for her views about working on Sunday in the 1960s – after she came home from church.

“Zoo 02”

How a “Ballerina Ring” affected her trips to the zoo in the 1940s.


Two stories from the 1940s of how her older brother handled dangerous situations.

“Fur 02”

How her instinctive reaction to not wanting to wear fur in the 1940s put her ahead of her time and out of synch with popular culture.


How stretching every dollar in the 1950s turned into a Thanksgiving feast when unexpected gifts arrive in time for the holiday.



Life in high school in the 1940s, including being one of the only students with a car.



How moving to a new area in the 1950s and having new friends and neighbors from different parts of the country – and the world – broadened her social perspective.